“I think I’ll wear a bow tie. I always feel more naive and lovable with a bow tie.”

Fibber McGee (Jim Jordan), Fibber McGee and Molly, March 20, 1951


This Time Last Year I Was on Vacation

A lot has transpired since last I regularly blogged. Notably, I changed jobs a year ago, moving from Human Resources to a new Quality Assurance position at the Y. My final year in HR wasn’t very enjoyable (not that I would have necessarily called any of the time “enjoyable”), having served as Interim HR Director on two separate occasions. But that’s a story for another time, and after I’ve had a drink or two.

I was able to take a little holiday between positions, and I decided to take a few days exploring San Francisco. That was just over a year ago, so I thought I’d take the anniversary to reminisce. Continue reading

Remembering Grandpa

My grandfather, Clifford M. Naser, died 20 years ago today. My former parish priest, now a seminary rector in his homeland of Poland, is offering his Mass today for the repose of Grandpa’s soul. Please remember him in your prayers, too.

Two years ago, I wrote this poem to share at a monthly poetry gathering of Y staff, which happened to coincide with the 18th anniversary of his death. Continue reading

Prepare for Re-entry

Fourteen years ago, I started a blog to chronicle my summer job in the Colorado mountains. It was before wi-fi and cell phones were widespread (the Dark Ages), so blogging was the best way for me to report back to everyone I’d left in Iowa that I hadn’t been eaten by a bear.

After returning to college, I kept blogging, though the focus changed (usually it was to procrastinate from having to do homework). Then I moved back to the mountains and started Real Life. After a few years, Real Life “necessitated” that I stop doing things I enjoyed, like blogging. But I’ve been itching to write for awhile, so here we are again.

Here’s what to expect: I’m going to put out into the universe my random yet well-crafted thoughts; yack about my weird interests, such as old movies and tiki culture; preach a little bit; and maybe share some cocktail recipes.

In fact, I’m definitely going to share cocktail recipes, because if you’re drinking while you’re here, you’ll tolerate everything else.