Hollywood or Bust

I haven’t been around here for awhile, mostly because I had a long break in internet service at my apartment, but also because I’ve been too lazy to compose any posts. This entry should definitely make up for that.

In the interim, things have happened. My sister Sarah’s gotten married to my fake brother. (Wait, what? I’ve never mentioned my fake family? Well, considering the marriage, I guess they’re real family now. Anyway, they started as a family I met at church who quickly “adopted” me, and since adoptive had too many syllables, I changed it to fake when explaining them to others because, again, I’m lazy.) My landlady sold the house to Harold, who’s let me stay. He’s not around all the time, but when he’s in town, we drink scotch. He’s the one that restored internet access, and even though I said I didn’t really want a digital cable box, he got one anyway. That means I also have access to TCM again, which other than PBS (for Lawrence Welk) is literally the only TV I watch.

In recent years, my interest in old movies has grown exponentially, primarily thanks to the fake family, who has amassed a large library of classics in the past two decades without broadcast or cable television. Now I prefer to consume pop culture from the 1930s through the 1960s. So combine my restored access to TCM and my preference for classic films with a brief visit to Hollywood during my August 2017 “Train Cars and Tiki Bars” vacation (which I should probably write about, too), I decided it was finally time to experience this year’s 10th annual TCM Film Festival, which is just two weeks away. Continue reading


“I think I’ll wear a bow tie. I always feel more naive and lovable with a bow tie.”

Fibber McGee (Jim Jordan), Fibber McGee and Molly, March 20, 1951

This Time Last Year I Was on Vacation

A lot has transpired since last I regularly blogged. Notably, I changed jobs a year ago, moving from Human Resources to a new Quality Assurance position at the Y. My final year in HR wasn’t very enjoyable (not that I would have necessarily called any of the time “enjoyable”), having served as Interim HR Director on two separate occasions. But that’s a story for another time, and after I’ve had a drink or two.

I was able to take a little holiday between positions, and I decided to take a few days exploring San Francisco. That was just over a year ago, so I thought I’d take the anniversary to reminisce. Continue reading

Remembering Grandpa

My grandfather, Clifford M. Naser, died 20 years ago today. My former parish priest, now a seminary rector in his homeland of Poland, is offering his Mass today for the repose of Grandpa’s soul. Please remember him in your prayers, too.

Two years ago, I wrote this poem to share at a monthly poetry gathering of Y staff, which happened to coincide with the 18th anniversary of his death. Continue reading

Prepare for Re-entry

Fourteen years ago, I started a blog to chronicle my summer job in the Colorado mountains. It was before wi-fi and cell phones were widespread (the Dark Ages), so blogging was the best way for me to report back to everyone I’d left in Iowa that I hadn’t been eaten by a bear.

After returning to college, I kept blogging, though the focus changed (usually it was to procrastinate from having to do homework). Then I moved back to the mountains and started Real Life. After a few years, Real Life “necessitated” that I stop doing things I enjoyed, like blogging. But I’ve been itching to write for awhile, so here we are again.

Here’s what to expect: I’m going to put out into the universe my random yet well-crafted thoughts; yack about my weird interests, such as old movies and tiki culture; preach a little bit; and maybe share some cocktail recipes.

In fact, I’m definitely going to share cocktail recipes, because if you’re drinking while you’re here, you’ll tolerate everything else.